Plant Nursery

Acacia LLC has the resources to support the supply of large volumes of quality plants to grand scale commercial projects in the Gulf region. Acacia has secured a leading position in the landscaping market with its exceptional quality, precise technical knowledge and its management of vast well-maintained nurseries, which house numerous species of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Acacia is now the preferred supplier for a large number of prestigious clients in the UAE and the GCC region.

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Green Walls

Acacia is dedicated to designing and implementing green/living walls for buildings and the built environment. Plants are pre-grown vertically in a unique, patented, modular hydroponic system, designed to deliver precise, low water usage and maintenance. Proven over time to give superior performance.

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What's New at Acacia

  • Valentine's day special packages of flowers, bouquets and special offers from Uniflora
  • Latest garden tools and equipments
  • New arrivals of beautiful seasonal flowers at special price.
  • Uniflora offers special flower arrangements for all occasions and seasons at an attractive price range.

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