Uniflora offers some of Dubai’s finest florist services. We specialize in the delivery of fresh flower arrangements to corporate offices and homes, with the additional option of customer gifting packages for special occasions. Fresh flowers have a positive impact on home and business environments, creating an atmosphere of comfort and security. Uniflora also caters to private events including weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations and religious festivals. We have specialized facilities that help to retain the freshness of our flowers from landing to the delivery to your doorstep. Our florists are experts in the craft of flower arrangements and will be able to recommend specific custom made floral designs that are best suited to your requirements.

Uniflora Flower Arrangements

We deliver exclusive flower arrangements for all descriptions of special occasions and events. Our florists can assist you in the selection of a unique bouquet or flower arrangement for a special occasion or that special someone.

Subscription Services

Our subscription services include delivery and maintenance of flowers for your office and home. All our flowers and floral arrangements are of the highest quality and come with a seven days warranty at an economical price.

Uniflora Stabilized Plants

We supply and maintain attractive plantscapes for offices, shopping centers, other commercial and industrial enterprises.


Enjoy the beauty of natural plants without their inconveniences:

  • No irrigaion requirements.
  • No maintenance necessary.
  • No sunlight and optimal temperature maintenance requirement.
  • No risk of insects or harmful toxins.

More attractive than natural plants.

What's New at Acacia

  • Valentine's day special packages of flowers, bouquets and special offers from Uniflora
  • Latest garden tools and equipments
  • New arrivals of beautiful seasonal flowers at special price.
  • Uniflora offers special flower arrangements for all occasions and seasons at an attractive price range.

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