Green Walls

Acacia is dedicated to designing and implementing green/living walls for buildings and the built environment. Plants are pre-grown vertically in a unique, patented, modular hydroponic system, designed to deliver precise, low water usage and maintenance. Proven over time to give superior performance.

This technology was designed and patented by Biotecture, UK and Acacia is the sole licensee of all its products in the GCC countries.

How the system works?

The biotecture biowall system is a modular hydroponic system with unique, patent pending properties that give it unrivalled performance, stability and endurance. The backing structure is similar to any other rainscreen cladding system, with vertical cladding rails and a backing board of 100% recycled plastic (EcoSheet). This creates a ventilated cavity between the supporting wall and the green wall, which becomes the building’s outer skin.

The modules themselves consist of a regenerated plastic box, housing a spun mineral fibre and capillary breaks which acts as a root zone and water reservoir, holding 80% of its volume when fully saturated. Surplus water moves into a rear drainage void, avoiding the accumulation of excess water within the growing medium towards the base of the wall.

Water and nutrients are delivered in precise quantities to each panel at predetermined intervals; water is harvested rainwater wherever possible. Our system is continuously monitored and sends out alerts if water delivery fall outside required parameters.

Water usage is typically 1litre/m2 /day, with 10-15% as runoff.

This results in a well designed, construction friendly, resilient, low water use and low maintenance system.

What's New at Acacia

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