About Us

Since its inception in 2008, Acacia LLC has been a consistent supplier of high-quality plants to the GCC region. Equipped with state-of-the art production facilities and detailed technical knowledge, Acacia has continued to deliver results which exceed client expectations.

Acacia has in-house facilities to propagate, store, transport and procure high quality planting material from around the world.

ACACIA is specialized in import of matured trees and palms and keep large inventory to cater to the projects / clients looking for instant effect.

Nursery : Hitech Facilities of Acacia


Acacia LLC has secured a leading position in the landscaping market with its exceptional quality, precise technical knowledge and the management of vast well-maintained nurseries, which house numerous species of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers.


Acacia brings together the essential requirements of correct growing conditions with the latest agricultural technology to provide our plants with the most advanced growth environment. We have sophisticated green-houses equipped with state-of-the art technology for the propagation of a wide range of high value plants with varied climatic requirements. These operations are carried out by Acacia’s team of qualified and highly trained professionals who have been especially recruited for their specialized technical expertise.


Acacia is supported by trained professionals who specialize in logistics and help us to provide the best to the market. Acacia is a part of several international trade linkages for procurement of the finest planting materials and landscaping accessories.

Business Integration

We are well integrated, both vertically and horizontally, with suppliers and producers around the world with the aim of supplying plant material and landscaping accessories of the highest quality to the GCC market. We also retain a sophisticated supply chain consisting of experts in the field of landscaping and material purchases.

ACACIA LLC is a member of Tanseeq Investment LLC

What's New at Acacia

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  • Latest garden tools and equipments
  • New arrivals of beautiful seasonal flowers at special price.
  • Uniflora offers special flower arrangements for all occasions and seasons at an attractive price range.

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